Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday - 17 days?

After our rocking good time at The Coup, we stumbled out of bed around 5 am so we could catch a ride to Nashville. We hung out with Kory for a little while, and watched some Jackie Chan as we waited. Mikey, our ride, showed up a little before 7, and we threw our gear (and Alex) into the bed of the truck and took off. It was a cool morning as we sailed down the interstate.

Mikey let us out in a parking lot near his school, and we made our way to the Waffle House for breakfast. Thanks Mikey. The remaining war paint gave us away as avid partiers, and we chatted with our waitress over coffee. Mike's cousin Calahan was expecting us, so we took off down the highway.

Our morning ride was a little hectic. There isn't much room for bikes and the cars certainly aren't used to bikers on their highway. We got to Calahan's place alive and made ourselves at home before the evenings festivities. Laundry was a priority.

That evening we headed to the countryside for this years "Beer-lympics". Lots of drinking, games, food, and a bonfire. Mike and Alex won their first match of Beer Pong, but lost to Matt and Clint in round two. Suffering from their defeat, the boys stuffed themselves with tasty burgers and forgot their troubles. Alex took a nap while Mike and Matt kept partying.

The night wore on, and Mike documented plenty of toothy grins. Matt did a keg stand, and Alex woke up for round two. The party eventually dwindled around 4, with peeps sleeping/passing out around the house and in the yard. The three adventurers made it home safe, full of meat and laughter.

Show me your teeth, America.

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