Friday, October 8, 2010

first day

So the first day went well, we covered 50 miles on our bikes, from Manhatten to Kankakee. it wasn't too hard of a ride, and we were on a gravel trail through some farms and woods for the first 17 miles. after we came out of the woods, we followed county highways to and through Kankakee. it was getting late and I (michael) was getting tired and cranky, i made alex turn up this driveway and we went and asked the guy if we could stay on his property. he let us camp, in his barn. we sat in this dudes barn and made hot dogs and watched a movie with the mini horses that he had. pretty cool day.
Alex sleeping on the train from Chicago to Manhatten on the first day.

crossing the Kankakee river on the Waponsee glacial trail.

eating hot dogs in a barn with mini horses.

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