Wednesday, October 13, 2010

day six

waking up at paradise lake was amazing, we watched the geese roll in by the droves, and up against an autumnal backdrop of changing and scantily clad trees is something i soon wont forget. we made a late morning of it by rolling out around 11 o clock, and began to head south to Effingham. the ride wasn't bad even though we had a ferocious headwind. finally getting our come-up-its from the last 150 miles we were able to coast DOWN some hills for a change!!! we even headed west for a little while and was able to have a tail wind. Effingham was not far at all, only about 30 miles from where we were, so it made for a short ride, we made our way into the town and used their library to do some research. after the library we headed over to a buffet and gorged ourselves!! we seriously ate so much....unbelievable, and the people, also unbelievable. its funny coming across accents, you wouldn't think that 130 miles from Kentucky you could still hear that twang. after that we found a campground and the owners gave us a really good discount and were more than hospitable, if you ever come down to southern Illinois and swing through Effingham, make sure to camp on lake Pauline at Camp Lakewood! we had a nice fire, enjoyed our pipes, and made our way to bed!

paradise lake

campground cemetery, this place is haunted.

alex is number one, so is ryans buffet...kinda.

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