Friday, October 22, 2010

day 15.

After a long and grueling day of riding, we were not to pumped to get up at 6 am and do it again, but after some liquid courage (coffee) we were ready to go. We peaced out of Dover like it was our job and crushed another 35 miles in about 2 hours and 40 minutes, which is a really good touring pace, especially when you are in the foot hills of the smokeys and are hauling up to 90 pounds of gear.

Enter Clarksville, home of some stuff.

Clarksville really sucks for biking in, but were were able to make it up the hills and highways to our Couch Surfer Host's by around noon time, where we were greeted by some of the coolest dudes we have met thus far... and chocolate chip pancakes. Cant forget those. so we enjoyed the company and front porched it for a hot minute.

After some serious porchin, which included a demonstration on how to properly restrain a special needs student, we did some serious inside chilling, whipped up some pizza dough, and made our way down to the venue that these guys own, nothing was going on, so we just chilled. Rothgar, the mighty wizard gave us a private hammer-dulcimer performance and we shredded the mini ramp for a while. Good times.

After those follies were through, we made our way back to the house, ate the pizzas, and soon after (but not too soon) made our way off to dream land.

Many thanks go out to Kory, Andy, Jared, Rothgar, Daniel, and everyone at The Coup. without these guys we would be out in 34 degree weather and would not have had nearly as good of time. The awesomeness of the people here convinced us to stay another night before heading to Na$hville early Saturday morning. There is a show tonight at The Coup, so if you are around Clarksville, check it out, we'll be there!


  1. I love the pic of the morning mists with the Kersplash in the water. What a beautiful place. Sounds like your CouchSurfer Hosts really treated you well. I thank them very much. I'm so happy you are having such a great time, but, I do miss you. Keep up the good blogs.

  2. Love the pic's however you need to be in more of them.
    When ur 72 & 78 yrs old you'll do what we do, reminisce about all the people & adventures you've encountered in your bike travels. Your grandpa & I have some cool memories too & my mother told me the same thing, BE CAREFUL their are some bad people out there too. LOL Love you

  3. Your grandpa has some advice for you, he speaks from experience, in New Orleans French Quarters, stay with the crowds [we got followed & quickley got back to the tourist]. Have lots of single's & fives on you because if you go into a bar & order a $4. drink & give a $20. that's it no change. Give a tip with ur drink or you may well be asked to leave as Earl was when he asked for his change from a $20.