Sunday, October 31, 2010

old post. Halloween eve in Nashville.

After running amok in downtown Nashville, we spent this day lounging around the house, laughing, telling stories, reminiscing of the prior evenings events, and planning the debauchery that was to ensue.

Morgan made us some delicious turkey tacos for dinner and after the table was cleared we began to get ready. Lauren was busy with her Peg Bundy costume, Morgan was a Cupcake doll, Alex was Hipster wolf (he'll tell you otherwise, but thats whats up) Michael was a jumberjack/Youkon Cornelius/The Travelosity Gnome, and Matt was the chicken from devo, a cock goblin if you will.

Matts costume was the most simple to throw together, so he hung around and nursed a cocktail while the others prepared themselves. A lot of crafting and makeup was done before everything came together, but when it did, it was good.

Pause for portraits and hen it was off to the first party, which was just around the block. There we had good company and a spread that would put any restaurant to shame. I'm talking home smoked and BBQ'd ribs, sausage, chicken wings, gormet cupcakes, peanut butter rice krispies, and countless other tasty treats. We done got ourselves FED!

On to the next one... After a quick ride down to the local spot called 5 points, we found ourselves getting turned away from one of the bars due to Matt's and Alex's expired I.D.'s, which put an immediate damper on the party scene, but not to worry because we were able to find a bar that would let us in, expired and fake i.d.'s alike. Rock on Nashville.

The bars were pretty standard, but a good time none the less. On our way home, Alex decided to cut up the middle no-handed... going really fast, he somehow lost his balance and went head over heels into a mailbox. the laughter was immediate. Dont worry folks, Alex is fine, not five minutes latter we were back home and raving in the living room.

Morgan whipped us up some tasty nachos, we decompressed, and the sleep was soon to follow.

The next day was Halloween proper and silly michael forgot his camera..... :(
We definataly had a good time though, we hit up the bars again, but only briefly because our good frien Kory, from Clarksville, came down! After we met up with him, Kory, Michael, and Matt went to the far west side of Nashville and found ourselves in a bamboo forrest. At a party. In a Mansion. Bamboo forrest.

That party was one of the crazyiest things i have ever witnessed. And thats all i have to say about that.


  1. no comments? probably the best post yet. Was that the first bike spill?

  2. Nicely written Michael. Good flow and descriptions that make it easy to visualize. Sounds like this was an exceptional Halloween, best holiday ever!!!!

  3. I bet it was 3Crow that kicked you out too. Fucking assholes. Technically you have 30 days after the license expires to get a new one; but they won't listen to that.

  4. dude....maybe you guys didn't have your camera, but WE DID!!!! You can take some of ours :) PS. more videos to follow