Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 4 - The Fourth Day

Hey guys, Alex here. Welcome to another day. Our couch surfer friends have been real hospitable and let us meander in and out of their apartment today. We slept in late, shared a healthy breakfast of eggs and taters, then went out to check some more Capoeira. Our buddy Neff (from Chicago) lead us to Lire Como Vento, the local training spot for Champaign's capoeira group. They continued their workshop from yesterday and let us sit in for a few hours. Really cool stuff, very nice people. Check them out if you're in the area. - Capoeira in Chicago - Capoeira in Champaign

Mike and Matt took a trip to the tobacconist. They purchased a few choice blends and had a good time chatting up the guys at Jon's Pipe Shop on Green Street. They even threw in a free sample. Thanks guys.

We met up at the Etc. Cafe again, (the cafe sponsored by a local church) for afternoon coffee. The couch hosts were grilling fish tonight, so after we had coffee, we grabbed some beer and headed back to their place.

FISH IS GREAT. Living in the midwest, you can't get enough. Beer, smokes, fish, guitars......throw it all together on the patio and you've got a great Sunday night. Tomorrow we head south, back on the road and finally all together.


  1. My Thanks to all the kind people in Champaign. Hey Matt.... you look totally hot with the new do. I wanna see a few pictures with Michael in them (mother's prejudice). It's a pleasure reading your blog. Love you guys - Mom

  2. Sorry if I was too sleepy to give you guys a proper goodbye this morning! Thanks for the breakfast and beer and being awesome guests. Please keep in touch, we miss you already!

  3. Alex, it was awesome running into you and Matt. Glad I got to catch you before you left Illinois. Good luck on your trip, stay in touch.