Friday, October 15, 2010

peanut butter.... make it crunchy

we covered a lot of miles on day eight. a lot of tough miles. we woke up at the charlie brown park and it was so beautiful, we didn't have any trouble taking our time getting up and moving... so we didn't hit the road until about noon. we ended up taking a less busy county road called the big four for quite a ways and it was one of the most scenic stretches we have done thus far. tons of rolling hills and fast straight a ways.
Charlie Brown park

we were just burning up the miles that day so we really didn't stop for much of anything, made a quick diversion into a grocer in some podunk that i can remember and continued on our way. fatigue was defiantly setting in around mile 45 or so, but we kept pushing, "just over that hill" "ok maybe this hill, or the next, im feeling alright" was what was occurring mostly. by 5 o clock we had stopped at one house to see if we could camp, and got a flat out no, so we kept on moving down the road. we were lucky enough to find an old farmer named Lennard. he let us camp, build a fire, and befriend one of his barn cats. we named him peanut butter. alex had a really good time with peanut butter and i can see that the separation is just killing him. and yeah, like i said, the day was mostly riding, so no really cool stories.... we saw some neat hills and trees and my ass went numb. 350 miles from chicago. yeah. what.


  1. Peanut butter..thats a good cat name! lol

  2. What a beautiful camp spot. The kitty is cute too.