Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 14, Breeching Tennesee

Having slept comfortably, we woke very early at our campsite in between the lakes. After brewing some coffee we quickly left camp knowing that it would be difficult to reach the days goal of covering the entire forty mile isthmus and then onto the nearest town called Dover.

About ten miles in to the ride we were forced to stop at a picnic area having neglected breakfast. There we made pasta and fried spam with peanut butter brownies to get us through the rest of the day.

After a satisfying break, we pushed on through the rolling hills till we made it to the Tennessee border.

Though the ride became increasingly difficult, probably one of the hardest yet, it was very cool. Tons of long curvy hills to cruise down, all the while being surrounded by beautiful national forest.

Finally we finished our ride in Dover stopping at a Mcdonalds for a little instant gratification and wifi. There we grabbed some burgers and met some very generous women who after talking to for a little while offered to grab some groceries for us from their church's food pantry. A very special thanks goes to them for that.

After getting some info from a bp clerk we headed further into town to where we were camping that night, in a hammock, under a bridge, down by the river. It was a good time there. We watched a movie on Alex's netbook, ate some soup, and tucked in for the night.


  1. Wow, the places you are seeing and camping at are soooo beautiful, I'd find it hard to leave one place for another.
    I love how you guys are thanking the people and businesses that have helped you on your way. Keep up the great blogging, it's totally cool, as good as any travel channel show!
    Love you guys - Mama Cyn

  2. That Spam looked pretty good. :-)

  3. I haven't had Spam in forever, ha. I gotta say I'm envious of how foot loose & fancy free you guys are right now. I know it's hard work riding those hills, but the pay off is so cool. Keep blogging I'm enjoying the read. Be safe.
    XOXOXOX Auntie Cheryl

  4. Bullshit if I ever take for granted the kindness in everyone ever again. This is insane.

    Keep up the blogging, you guys rule.

  5. Post Script: The photography is great. I took a cinematography class once at a business school. These are my credentials to speak on the subject.

  6. I am one of Alex's friends from Iowa, Ian just emailed me a link to this blog.
    This is an amazing adventure you guys have set out on, love that you are documenting every step, and I look forward to checking it out daily.