Monday, October 18, 2010

Day Twelve- crossing sate lines, by boat!

Waking up on the Ohio river was awesome. After oatmeal and coffee we excitedly made our way to Cave In Rock's biggest attraction, a cave in a rock. We took our time hiking and observing the cliffs and their beautiful surroundings. Probably one of the most intense moments of the day occurring when we began doing some rock climbing. In particular, there was one cliff that Mike and I climbed which shook me to my bones. It was about fifty feet tall and with no safety gear it only took about half that before things got scary. However we both made it to the top and with that momentum we began to explore the cave. The cave wasn't the biggest, but about 100 feet in it opened up to a large room which also had a crack in its ceiling letting in the daylight, pretty sweet. We climbed around inside the cave a bit but had to leave shortly there after knowing the hills which we would be facing later on.

Crossing the river the river on a ferry was also pretty cool, especially being that it was our transportation into our first new state, Kentucky. We road straight off the ferry and onto the highway. The ride was gorgeous and we made good time through the mountains, going slow and steady up and then speeding down, being shot around the countryside up to thirty miles an hour.

We then made it to Marion. Upon entering the own we stopped at the small restaurant 88 Dip. Staffed by some of the kindest ladies you'll ever meet, they gave us free burgers and sodas. Thanks 88 Dip!

Doing some research at the library we found out that the local methodist church gave lodging to bikers only. There we met Brother Wayne Garvey who set us up with showers, a kitchen, couches, and most generously some money to check out the nearby mineral museum and groceries, a special thanks definitely belongs to Wayne. The mineral museum was awesome, lots of cool rocks including ones that glowed under uv light. After that we went back to the church, made a delicious dinner, and tucked in for bed.

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  1. Glad you guys are doing so well. You are seeing America for what she really is...the people that live here, and there are a lot of good people. God bless you and keep you safe. Dina