Tuesday, October 5, 2010

first post.

this is a blog about our bike ride. we're going to ride our bikes for a very long time, and we hope to have an amazing time... that's about it really, we don't have top of the line gear, we haven't been training (hard), and were flat broke. what we do have is determination, a sense for adventure, and we don't hate each other, and that's good. so basically you have 3 friends going camping, this is that.

this is matt.

Matt is 21 years old.

This is michael.

michael is 20.

this is alex.

alex is 27.

together, were the 3 guys doing this thing. matt and michael mett alex while living in chicago. at the beginning of the summer alex moved in with mike and matt and began to plan this bike trip. the whole idea is to get lost. no time frame, no destination, no fucking agenda. we knew we had to go south in order to pull this off during some winter months, so thats where were going first. south. thats all we know for sure.

we would like to thank Andy, Eryn, Ian, Pete, Mary, Lindsey, Rokus (i tried), kara, Milton, Mom's, and Dad's. these folk feed us, let us crashed, and without them this would have been so much harder to do. thanks guys.

this is ian. its nearly impossible to photograph his face, so enjoy it ladies, because this is rare. ian is the best. ever.

this is the U.S.A. were going to biking here mostly.

so yeah, keep checking in every once in a while and hopefully you can check out some places were going to see, some of the people were going to meet, and check out some cool stuff.


  1. Looks like fun, glad you'll be posting about your adventure but please spell "were" correctly: we're

    Have fun and remember: Grammar is ALWAYS important.

  2. Looks & sounds fun, ur grandpa was reading about ticks on the Trace, Lymes didease. Check out the spray Permethrim for ur cloths, he's had Lyme's disease & DOES NOT recommend it . love u