Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 18 - Recouperation

Sunday was a real slow day, especially after our late, late night. We ate breakfast, drank coffee, and watched tv. The movie "Hook" had been a topic of recent conversation, so we took the opportunity to catch it on cable. Dustin Hoffman is a great Captain Hook, and watching Pan and the Lost Boys got us pumped for adventure. Rufio, Rufio, RU-FI-OOOOOH!!!

After Hook, we lounged some more, took naps, and waited for our hosts. Calahan made dinner (we had tasty chicken and asparagus) and soon after, everyone went to bed. Sunday is a day for rest.


  1. When life is so full of excitement and adventure, one must be greatful for a lazy Sunday.

    Keep this low-key day in your memory for when you're grinding across the dessert praying for a day of potato couching it.
    Love Mom

  2. The last time I think I was on the Trace ur mother wasn't even born yet ! NOW that;s LONG time ago. LOL She's gonna git me. lol
    Next fall I want to ride so I'll watch for ur advice of do's & don'ts. MC of course.
    love u stay safe