Sunday, October 10, 2010

day 3.

day 3 was a good day, alex and i made it into Champaign pretty early and ended up hanging out on U of I's campus for a few hours. we stumbled across a capuera demonstration that we watched for a few hours, if you aren't familiar, it basically Brazilian break dance fighting, and it looks super cool. what was really crazy about it was one of alex's good friends was in town doing some of the demonstrations, so we hooked up with him and it was cool to have a friendly face.

so at this point alex and i were pretty stinky so we asked around and found out about this changing room in the basement of the performing arts building that had a shower in it. alex and i took turns sneaking into this giant building and using the showers. after my turn in the shower and when i was walking out, some of the evenings performers were arriving on their tour bus, and apparently i looked like a roadie, so i ended up assisting in escorting the band to their changing room... thought that was funny, after that i got out as soon as i could!

matt still hadn't gotten into town yet so alex and i killed a few hours hanging out in this methodist church/ coffee house that was pretty empty, we drank some of their coffee and used their electricity and wifi. eventually matt showed up and we began looking for a place to crash. i put a few requests out on and got an answer from melanie just as we were about to give up hope.

we made our way over to her place and she gladly let us in, went got some beers, hung out, and eventually went back out and checked out the nightlife of U of I. pretty standard stuff, but a good time none the less. overall it was ans awesome night!

we would like to give a big thank you to One World pizza, J.R. at Penn Station french fries, Neff, and our couchsurfer hosts! all of you are super awesome and we would not survive if not for the generosity of others!!! thank you so much!

making fried green tomatoes and baked beans for breakfast!

capuera demonstration

couchsurfer hosts

one world pizza....get some!

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  1. How long have you been gone? Matt looks about 20 years older with that haircut.