Thursday, October 28, 2010

Commuter Hell on Day 19

We left the house lightly scheduled today, heading to Nashville proper on our bikes for a day. There aren't any good biking roads from the suburbs to downtown, so we were forced onto the highway. Cars are fast, close, and piss us off.

We got separated for a bit on the highway, and lost each other after a turn. It took a few minutes for everyone to re-group, but thankfully we were finally downtown. Asked a few questions then headed to a gear/bike shop on the west side of town. Mike needed new panniers (his are busting at the seems), so we were price hunting today. Nothing here, so head to another store. Other store is closed, time to get some eats.

We grabbed cheap Thai food and a beer at International Market, near Vanderbilt Campus. By this time it was getting late in the afternoon, so we needed to leave quick before darkness and traffic consumed us. Highways, highways, interstate. Of course we lost our way. After a few wrong turns and a heartfelt but heated conversation, we got our shit together and made it back to Antioch.

We ate, had drinks, and went to bed, fucking exhausted.


  1. My dad taught me; whenever you are in a new city and you get lost, you always end up in the ghetto. :-)

  2. She's right, I've been is so many bad neighborhoods
    it's amazing we didn't get mugged or worse, not really a goog idea now days either. Do you guys have hopes of getting a Thaksgiving dinner? Check out some places before the day as some churches etc does them early. love you