Saturday, October 23, 2010

16 days

We ended up crashing in Clarksville for a second night because we were able to get a ride to Na$hville this morning, and there was a pretty cool show going on that we wanted to check out. Our day was rather lazy, we all felt pretty fatigued and relished the idea of a day of rest. Matt went off and did some stuff with Kory ( one of our hosts) and Alex and I did our own thing. We checked out the local bike shops and talked about riding. Really cool guys up at the bicycle center and also down at Riverside bikes. Two really cool shops, its a shame that Clarksville sucks for biking. We were also able to play a lot of Sega, which was rad, not just he fact that we haven't played video games in forever, but also that they were classic games from our adolescence.

after some chilling, we made our way down to The Coup. Some music was going on downstairs, some drankin was going on upstairs, and good times were going on everywhere. we danced, drank, ate, laughed, and had a really good time. We met some super neat folk in Clarksville and I hope we keep in touch!

Face Painting at The Coup!

Details, Details at The Coup

Dancing at The Coup

There isnt much to be said for the rest of the night, but know that we had an awesome time! All the homies in C-town.... you rock!

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  1. Congrats on making it to Nashville! Have fun.
    Love Mom