Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 13 - Welcome to Grand River

Spending the night at the church was a GREAT idea. We slept very comfortably on the Youth Group's couches and woke early to make a huge breakfast. We invited Brother Wayne over for breakfast, to return some of the hospitality he had given us. Left town around 10, heading south to Grand River, the entrance to Land Between the Lakes. LBL is a forest preserve located on the Kentucky/Tennessee border and is surrounded by two huge lakes. It is practically an island, with the state border located somewhere between.

Before we left Marion we charted a route that used rural country roads. What a great choice that was. The hills were many, but very gentle and rolling as compared to what we had experienced before. The scenery was beautiful, with orange, red, and brown leaves covering the countryside. It was a colorful rollercoaster, and before we knew it, we were rolling downhill into Grand Rivers.

Grand Rivers is a great little town. We checked out the guns and knives in an antique store (revolvers are cool), got some free fries at Dave's Dairy Dream, and great ham sammiches from Patti's Restaurant. We munched sammiches and smoked pipes on the shore of the marina, admiring the view and plotting our next course.

Locals told us about the cycle shop at the top of the hill, and since we needed supplies and love bikes, we decided to stop in. Bunch of nice folk there. They gave us a deal on a new bike pump, chatted about bikes, and directed us to a great spot for free camping. Thanks Wood and Wave Cycles!

Since we were so busy and having a great time, we neglected to catch any photos of this little town. Sorry guys.

After hanging at the bike shop, we grabbed our bikes and trekked into the Land Between the Lakes. Only a few miles in and we found the designated campsite. Gathered wood, ate some leftovers, and started a big fire. We were visited by a few skunks in the evening, searching for food on their nightly rounds. We escaped un-sprayed, and slept on a hill overlooking the lake.

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  1. You guys are making such great time, it's hard to fathom how far you've gone just by using your own power.
    I also think it's amazing how many wonderfully kind people you have encountered. It is helping to remind me that there really are a lot of GOOD people out there. I am very happy about how well you guys have done. Keep up the good work and may good Karma continue to ride with you.
    Love Mom