Tuesday, April 2, 2013

That new, homes.

Well, after a 3 year hiatus,  enough Pabst, and a looming cross-country move, I have decide to revive the blog.

Aren't we always on a really long ride of some sort?  Life is always pushing us or telling us to push ourselves one way or another, and my life is pushing me back towards northern Michigan. In two weeks. Wow. 

This next leg will be spent a bit differently than the last that I wrote about.  Myself, my dog,  and my father (post Memphis) Will be making the same 2.5 month journey in 3 days. In a moving truck. With my dad.

Don't get me wrong,  since the epic bike ride, I have done a nearly identical route on my motorcycle,  so the trip will neither be new or exciting,  which I accept,  it's just that Im not ready for the romance to die.  If you will. 

Im not sure if i sound condescending,  excited,  our boring,  but regardless of the way I sound, a new journey is unfolding before me.  Stay tuned,  our don't,  the choice is yours.