Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mike took Callahan to class/work today so we could borrow her car for the afternoon. Sweet. Before coming back to the house, he did some quick recon at the REI Store for new bike bags. He found some, and ordered them. They will arrive tomorrow.

Mike came home, we dicked around for a bit, then DROVE to Nashville. The highways are much more comfortable in vehicles designed for them. Wondered around downtown for a few hours in sparse showers.

We saw buildings, country bars, mountains in the distance, and back alley strip joints. It was cool.

We headed back to Cali and Justin's. We jammed out in their car. The clouds were nice.

While hanging with Justin, we had the opportunity to hold some guns. Since it had been a while, we did it with intensity.


  1. So glad to see the updates. Cool pictures, I remember being on Broadway years ago, went to Ernest Tubbs Record Store after a late performance at the Grand Ol Opry in the old Reiman Theater. Matt... you are scarier than hell with that big ass gun. Very funny to start the pictorial with Matt worshiping at the feet of B.Graham and ending with a murderous looking Matt.
    Stay safe you guys.
    Love Mom

  2. Did you get to drive their new Mini-Cooper? That sounds pretty cool!

  3. Hang in there guys, your doing great!