Saturday, October 30, 2010

21, 22, 23, 24 coming atcha!

Wow, sorry about the delay in updating, we have just been doing so much, we seemed to have lost track of our blog. After our big day in Nashville, we hung around the house a bit more. Cali made us feel really comfy, and with a big leather couch, climate control, and cable, we were hard pressed to get moving. Michael made his way to REI to check out some new panniers because his were blowing out and would have made the trip really frustrating to continue with. Long story short, he found some, got them ordered, and then did some grocery shopping.

Gymnasties in the back yard.

So much seems to happen everyday, that all of the times get blended together, so i apologize for the lack of detail... i just cant remember anything else from that day...

Michael's panniers arrived the next day so we all piled in Calis car again and set out to go get them. Cali had a long day of school so we took her car back in to Nashville and jammed out to tunes, got ice cream, and cruised around and oogled girls. On our way back home we remembered the tantalizing smells that we had noticed coming from a small BBQ joint on the way back to the burbs, so we stopped there and had some awesome BBQ. Spicy chicken, pork plate, and rib tips for Matt. all of which had been hickory smoked for a million hours.... amazing.


On day 23 we said our good by's to Cali and Justin, and leisurely made our way back to Nashville VIA bikes. We made it to our new host's place, but not before getting lost-ish on the way, going to the airport, getting angry with each other, and some minor bike issues. FUCK COMMUTING ON BIKES IN NASHVILE!!!!! Seriously, this city needs to get its act together, motorists, pay the fuck attention. Tennessee law gives bikes all of the rights that cars have while on the road, so black lady near the airport, fuck off and dont call us assholes, learn how to drive in the 21st century.

Wow, ok, sorry. Here we are now at Morgan's and L-l-l-l-aurens place, and its awesome. Both are amazing artists and kind, warm people. Morgan made us some amazing pasta while Lauren entertained us. We got fed, drank wine, and laughed at silly pets. then the sleep came.

Rasta Pasta

Turtle, the dog.

Good morning day 24. We made an early start of it, leaving with our hosts as they went off to their Jay-Oh-Bees. We rode our bikes around Nashville seeing, the Parthenon, dragon park, and heavy traffic. silly Michael forgot his camera so there are no photos from this day of adventure, but know that we saw some cool stuff.

back to the house to get ready for the night out!

We all had a great time sitting around the table playing card games and trying on wigs and fake mustaches. after more wine, laughter, and antics, we took to the streets by force, rolling five deep on bikes. I'm sure that we were quite the sight... We made it down to Roberts Western World and honky tonk'd like it was our 'ma fukin day job. it was truly ridiculous to texas swing looking like a lumberjack, animae girl, skelitor, the mad hatter, and captain mullet.

Trashy or classy.... you decide.

Roberts wacky western world!

Antics ensue...

Da club..

after the honky tonk, we went across the street to the Cadillac ranch where all the college kids who arent into country go. Alex grinded up on some ladies, Matt shook his groovethang like only he knows how, and Michael ran around telling people that he was from some scene website and snapped a million and a half pictures that we cant really show you, due to the questionable legality of how they were obtained...

Disco? Disco... DISCO!!!!

so around 2 we were wrecked enoough to leave and made our way back to the place. sleep quickly followed with thoughts of sleeping in and fried meats dancing in our heads...

Good person. One of our host's...

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  1. ... and the fun just continues...

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