Saturday, November 20, 2010

We made it!

Today after a quick but climactic ten miles we completed the Natchez Trace. We ended up first heading to the visitor center to see if we could finagle some free camping around town, but without any leads and having a sense of accomplishment we decided to bunker down at the days in. Tonight we plan on taking to the streets in downtown Natchez to celebrate, hoping to find good times and others to share them with. There aren't a lot of new pictures to post but here are some that we may have skipped over.

The Trace truly was an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone. Now onto New Orleans!


  1. Some really nice pic's.Be careful, watch out for cops......
    love u

  2. Congrats... on accomplishing this leg of the journey. The pictures are outstanding and I've really enjoyed sharing this so far. Looking forward to seeing New Orleans through your eyes. Safe travels.
    Love Mom

  3. Look out New Orleans , the bikers are on their way !! Fantastic pics. What a beautiful Country we live in , and how amazing you 3 guys get to see it first hand. What an incredible journey !
    Miss ya.
    Mama Candy

  4. Hi Michael, Sounds like you guys are rockin' it & makin' good time. Glad your safe. The pictures are impressive. Keep em comin'
    Love you, Auntie Cheryl

  5. Great pictures. Great talking with you as well. Be safe. Love Mom Moll

  6. Proof of big foot sneakin treehind that be in the picture of mike by the fire.

  7. It's been great following you guys along your journey, and living vicariously through your amazing trip! You've really only just begun, and have already seen so much, and met so many amazing people! The generous people you have met remind me that there is still hope for mankind. : ) Hugs and Thanksgiving wishes from chicago!