Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day #? - Where ARE we?

Hey y'all. It's been a while since we've been able to update, so we thought we'd get you caught up real quick. Don't have a clue what day we're on, all we know is it's been more than a month and nearly 900 miles since we left Chicago. We're currently in Tishomingo, Mississippi and loving the Natchez Trace. We've traveled about 140 miles so far down the Trace, with another 300 to go.

The first three days on the Trace were hard. Everyone had partied hard in Nashville and now we all had head colds. To make matters worse, it rained for 2 days straight, and we stayed holed up at a rest area for a few days to nurse our health and wait out the weather. When we finally got moving again, we met the coldest nights we've had yet, with temperatures dropping down to 28 degrees at night. We had to sleep in a bathroom one night, just to keep warm. We met a cool guy named Brian, who drove us to a Chinese buffet. He is traveling as well, in a van with his dog, going West just like us.

Eventually we got to do some legit camping and hung out at Colbert Ferry for a few days because we enjoyed the scenery and our cozy little camp. Lots of scenic views, the Tennessee River, and some Indian Mounds are a few things we've encountered. There was a very special wall we saw. One man built it by hand as a memorial to his Indian Grandmother, who was forced to walk the trail of tears and came back. He placed a new stone for every step she took. Very moving.

We've been riding slowly, meeting people and taking in all the sights the Trace has to offer. Now we've stopped in Tishomingo to pick up supplies, panhandle for donuts, and blog. We crossed two state lines to get here, and have averaged a new state every week since we left. The weather is warming up and stays around 65-70 during the days. The south is going to be awesome.

Enjoy the pics, and keep in touch.


  1. Totally awesome!! What a ride.. Safe travels!
    luv mama Candy

  2. Man it sounds like you guys are having an awesome time. Makes me wish I could just take off and do something like that even if I am fat and fifty lol. Be safe and keep up the good work. Dina

  3. Nov. 10th was day 34. Who else but "Mom" would keep track of the days?! LOL. So glad you are taking the time to absorb the sites and experiences of this unique area of our country.

    Keep on Truckin'

    Love Mom

  4. Glad you are all safe and enjoying the trip. Always look forward to the posts. Keep them coming!! Love ya Matt. Mom and Dad and Haley

  5. Hey Guys,
    It's Bethany and Linda from the Wayne County Welcome Center! We hope ya'll are having a great time and staying warm at night. Your pictures are so pretty. Hope to hear from you or maybe see you guys again. I will make some more banana nut bread for ya'll.

    Be safe
    Bethany and Linda

  6. wow is all i can say...good luck