Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 42 - Old Friends/New Friends

Hey suckers. We've been having a blast between updates and finally have a chance to post another. Prepare for a PHOTO BOMB!

Since we last checked in, we've traveled another 200+ miles down the trace. We are currently near Port Gibson, MS, at mile marker 55 on the trace. One more day of riding and we will be in Natchez, MS, where the trail terminates, forced back into the fierce world of highways and subdivisions.

What you've missed:
Last week we spent a few days panhandling in Tupelo, earning enough money for food and buffets, before heading down the road. Thanks to the cool kids at 212 Cafe for the sandwich and phone numbers. Best cafe in town.

A few days ago, just outside of Houston, Matt Moll met a preacher at Wal-Mart. Tom Skelton was kind enough to offer not only food, but church service and a warm bed to these weary travelers. Matt felt like adventuring, Alex and Mike wanted company, so we went separate ways for a day, and each had a blast.

On Sunday morning Mike and Alex attended service with Tom, then retreated to his house for lunch. Tom is an ex-marine/security professional/karate instructor, and he had more than enough stories to keep us entertained for the evening. Meanwhile, Matt had made it to the next campsite down the road and conveniently ran into our old friend Brian, whom we met days earlier at a previous campsite. Matt and Brian shared a meal while Mike and Alex shared a bed (not really). The next morning, Tom was traveling to Jackson, MS, so we loaded up our bikes, met with Matt further down the road, and cruised into Jackson early in the afternoon. Thanks a million for everything, Tom.

We ran into Brian again, at a Wendy's in Jackson, while we were hatching our plan for the evening. We chatted a bit, then the three cyclists rented a cheap hotel room for the night (since camping was less than available). We donned our speedos, took a dip in the freezing outdoor pool, then consumed pizza and beer that evening.

Continental breakfast then back to the trace. 45 miles down the road, we made it to Rocky Springs. We had been there for less than an hour before we were sharing drinks with our new friend, John from Canada. John is a retired english teacher, traveling to Texas/Mexico for the winter in his RV.

We shared food, stories, and wine that evening, eventually meeting up (again) with Brian and his friendly pitbull Gypsy. Paul, another Canadian traveler, has joined our crew as well, bringing with him a friendly black lab named Muddy. We've spent a few days in Rocky Springs, hanging out and hiking with our little commune, and today we ventured into town to do some blogging and research. Tomorrow we will be heading to Natchez, the last stop on the trace, before trekking to New Orleans.

It's been quite a trip so far, and we're looking forward to meeting new friends and re-uniting with old friends. Thank you everyone.


  1. i have trouble thinking of something witty to write when my mind's all clouded with jealousy. except for the part where you had to shack up in a bathroom.
    a REST STOP bathroom.
    don't do anything stupid in N'Awlins, and if you find anything smart to do you'll be the first.
    -anonymous chicagoan...dy

  2. Sleeping in a bathroom, holy Pursuit of Happiness!