Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas has come and gone......finally.

Good afternoon. Sorry for the long wait between updates. We've been busy getting jobs, digging through dumpsters, and finding places to stay. Things you may have missed:

Matt Moll went back to Michigan for X-Mas. His brother Phil has survived boot camp, so the family came to Nola to pick up Matt. They took a trip to Georgia to visit Phil for graduation. Hopefully Matt can make it back to Nola soon, for some much needed debauchery, but only time will tell.

Mike works at a pizza place now, called Naked Pizza. They are a small company, and specialize in "healthy" pizzas with wheat crust and gluten free blah blah blah and vegetables. Get yourself one, they're pretty tasty. He makes pizza, plays on the bongos, and chases girls. He enjoys it.

Alex has two jobs, one at a pizza place called Reginelli's and another at a French bakery called La Madeleine. He washes dishes, operates cash registers, and serves white people French pastries. It kind of sucks, but money is money, and we need some.

Beside searching the city for jobs, the boys have spent a good amount of time dumpster diving. The city is rich with waste, and in one day they were able to score a feast of sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, apples, bananas, donuts, rice krispy bars, canned apple sauce, several loaves of bread, fig bars, and all sorts of other goodies. Paying for food is a sham, and I don't want anyone to do it ever again.

Before Matt took off we had a few opportunities to meet people and couchsurf around town. We hung out with some squatter kids in the Bywater area, and a math teacher who lives in Uptown. Morgan, our friend from Nashville, hooked us up with her friend Chad, who lives just outside of town, and he put us up for a few days. Thanks for the warm beds, everyone.

New Orleans has some of the shittiest roads we have ever ridden. Potholes and patchwork make up most of it. Mike had about half a dozen flat tires before he finally hit the big one (a crater three feet wide in the middle of the road) and it ate his bike. His handlebars snapped off, and Mike went over the top. He survived. Since his bike was now un-rideable, he got a replacement delivered via Matt's parents a week later. He now cruises these mean streets on his purple and turquoise single speed, a favorite from Chicago.

On Sunday night, all the locals head over to the Hare Krishna temple for free supper. They have the best Indian food in town, and it's no wonder that it feels like church social. All the people we've met in town so far show up, and it's a good chance to catch up.

While at Sunday Social, we ran into another guy named Chad, whom we met a week earlier in Baton Rouge. He lives here, and coincidentally has a big house he's fixing up. Chad's pretty busy with work, and we needed a semi-permanent living solution, so we offered to work on the house in exchange for low-income housing. We are now sanding walls, prepping for paint, and building gardens. There are chickens in the yard, and sometimes in the kitchen. There is a dog named Copper, and everyone gets along pretty well.

I think that's about all for now. Just wanted to get you caught up with where we are now. We'll try our best to post more often, now that we are situated and getting out.


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  1. wow .. I was lucky enough to meet you guys when you stopped in my work for water (hucks mattoon IL)so I check your blog from time to time to see how you all are doin. So glad to hear that everything is going well ... may the new year bring you many new friends and adventures
    blessed be