Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Living in a LOVE Shack, baby.

Hey hey hey....we got a new place!

After spending more than a month hanging with the chickens at Chad's house, we decided it was time to move on. We didn't want to get too settled on a long journey like this, and Chad deserved his home back. Thanks a million Chad. We had a great time.

We posted an ad on Craigslist, and within a few days found someone who was willing to host us for another month or so.

Naomi, our new host, is a fellow traveler, and has been all over. She spent some time in Thailand, New Zealand, Europe, and L.A., just to name a few. She understood our situation and was eager to help out. She lives not more than 5 minutes from Reginelli's Pizza, so getting to work is damn easy. She has an unused tool shed in her back yard that she offered to us, so Mike and I took her up on it. It is cozy, to say the least, but feels a little bit like summer camp. We have a small couch, a few shelves to store our few things, and a workbench that is doubling as a bunk bed for the time being.

Mike's job at Naked Pizza doesn't give him as many hours as he'd like, so recently he's been spending his free time making stencils, stickers, and practicing his graffiti. He's getting pretty good, and it keeps him busy during the day.

Alex has been working a little too much, and has decided to quite one of his jobs in favor of the other. Having worked the past 11 days in a row is exhaustive. There is also a leather store a few miles outside of town, and hopefully with some free time Alex will get to craft and work on projects of his own. There is an awesome art scene and plenty of markets for us to get some exposure and make some cash. Let's make it happen.

Matt has opted to move back to Chicago and stay with our main man Ian, after he was offered a full time job by his previous employers at Erewhon. Good for you Matt. He still hopes to make it to the west coast and continue traveling, but for now, the city calls!

We'll get some pretty pics of the shack soon. It really is quite awesome, and has a natural character all it's own. It's like staying in a clubhouse from when we were kids.

Here's to staying young!


  1. tell me more about this naked pizza. How much are you supposed to tip? How much if I want a lapdance?

  2. Glad ur doing okay, it's good to hear what's going on with you. Love G-jo

  3. What's up dude its brian. Hope all is good with you guys. Still pushin markus the third across the land. In sedona az at the moment. When are you guys hittin the road again? Man there's a lot a shit out there. And that shack sounds tight. And we gotta get matt back on the bus. Keep on keepin on.